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    PSOC 4 RC522 RFID Reader, SPI communication SCB mode problems


       Hello folks,




      I try to build a little terminal with the rc522 rfid reader chip ( on a tiny module from ebay ) and a OLED Display ( SSD1306 also SPI bus but in UDB mode because no chip select wire ) and of course the MIGHTY PSOC 4 ^.^


      My problem:


      I have a tiny Arduino due which works as expected. RFID reader hooked up OLED hooked up, Software written and it works.


      So i have a definite working Reader and Display.


      I hooked up the Display to the PSOC and started to write the Software to control it. Long Story many failures but finaly it works now. Also i got it managed to work with some GFX functions like circles Sprites and and and ( also a little Font ).


      But the reader refuses to work. I even dont know if the communication works as expected because in the rx buffer are always values which are not expected. 0xE0 mostly. 


      Has anybody managed to get this reader working with a SPI_SCB component ???


      I make a try with good old static BitBanging but mhm I dont know what happens.