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    FX3 counters: address, data, control and state, kind request for documentation/explanation

              Hello, in trying to understand better the FX3 architecture I've hit a wall regarding the 3 ( sometimes 4 ) counters used by GPIF block: that is address, data, control and sometimes I've seen mentioned a state counter. I wasn't able to find a clear explanation about them, the documentation available is pretty sparse and spread in between many files. So I was wondering if somebody can point me to a document that contains a full description of the purpose and intended usage of those counters, especially what is their link with the actual data and address, how the control counter is used and what about the state counter that is mentioned once and then disappears ? Any help is really appreciated. Best regards, MC P.S> The input box for messages is really small, if a forum administrator reads this please consider increasing the size.