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    Problem when changing UART baud rate in run time

      Hi every body,


      I'm doing a project with CY8C24123A, PSoC designer 5.4, using user modules: UART, Counter8 (determine working frequency for UART).




      - PSoC receive data from another circuit (P0.4 RX)


      -Then, PSoC send data to PC via RS232 circuit (P0.5 TX)


      -When receiving data, baud rate is 4800; when sending data, buad rate is 9600


      If I don't change baud rate (4800) when PSoC running, PSoC works well (receive or send data OK, I can check data on PC, I'm using Terminal 1.9b).


      If I change baud rate when PSoC running,  PSoC can't work as I want. No data on the PC! At forum, I knew that I can change UART baud rate in run time of PSoC. 


      Can you check my project, please? Have you another solutions? Please tell me!


      Many thnanks!