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    ADC_DelSig_v3_09   and AmuxHw_v1_50


      Hi there !!!!!




      I woluld need again your help!


      I am triyng to read on display module four FSR ( force sensing resistor) and  they look lik NTC thermistor in relation to resistance  versus physic exitation. In this case  exitation is a finger tip touch.


      I have multiplexed them to a ADC_DelSig_v3_09 and I have used harward multiplexer.


      I have atacched a bunddled zip with the proyect.


      The TIA has an output of vdd/2 when any FSR is pressed, and  vout can reach 0 V  depending on the strenght of the touch can be.


      So the input range of my ADC is 3.3 V/2  to 0v.


      The result is the four redout are  0x00008104 always , which it seems to be correct when any FSR is pressed.


      But it does not work when I press any of the FSR.


      I would apreciate any help


      Thank you very much.