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    CySmart Utility for the new BLE solutions from Cypress


      CySmart is a series of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) test and debug utilities from Cypress. These are provided to simply the design and debug of BLE solutions using the new PSoC 4 BLE and PRoC BLE product.




      The following CySmart utilities are available:




      - CySmart BLE USB Dongle: This is a USB dongle that enables your Windows-based PC to act as a Bluetooth Low Energy host. The dongle is included with the new BLE Pioneer Kit.. This dongle will connect to your BLE designs using PSoC 4 BLE or PRoC BLE, to complete the other side of the wireless communication. Bundled with the CySmart for Windows utility, it is a powerful BLE test and debug utility.




      - CySmart for Windows: This is a Windows GUI-based application that works in conjunction with the CySmart BLE USB Dongle above. It allows advanced test and debug capabilities by allowing you to visualize the entire BLE Protocol Stack in a structured, graphical user interface. You can use this utility to Scan and Connect to any advertising BLE devices, Listen for Notifications, Read and Write Attributes, etc. in realtime. 




      - CySmart for iOS and CySmart for Android: These are mobile applications from Cypress that allow you to connect to your BLE designs made on the BLE Pioneer Kit. The mobile apps come pre-loaded with support for all standard BLE SIG Profile and also Cypress's custom BLE Profiles for CapSense, RGB LEDs, etc.