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    output existing clock on pin doesn't work -> bug or expected behavior?






      I made some projects with PSoC 4 and now I'm playing around with my recently received CY8CKIT-059. One of the things I want to try out is the EMIF in asynchronous mode. Since the datasheets, user manuals etc all use different timing diagrams for the control signals, I decided to measure them in relation to the EMIF clock and used a clock component which is based on the bus clock (and therefore is the same as EMIF clock). So it's not a new clock signal, it already exists. The corresponding pin is configured as push-pull.


      Now, the problem is I can only see a clock signal if the clock is a new one, not the derived one. With BusClk I can only see some veeeery small spikes. Is this expected behavior or a bug? In the clock component datasheet, I couldn't find anything which doesn't allow to output a 'existing' clock on a port pin. I'm using PSoC Creator 3.2.









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