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    PSoC Creator 3.1 crashing then blue screen of death

      Well, me?  I like to stick with the version of software that I know works, and I always try to disable automatic updates.


      Nevertheless, I found it reasonable recently to upgrade from PSoC Creator 2.2 to 3.1.  I think it was Friday; maybe Thursday.  I was immediately met with a reproducible crash.  Then today, I got a blue screen of death and a corrupted project file that would no longer open.  It temporarily lost my top design and code edits.  Fortunately, I have *hourly* automatic backups.  I was able to restore the project, including most recent top design changes (more than an hour old), then copy my free-standing c file back into the project, recovering my recent code edits.  I only lost about 2 hours, including the reboot and reload of other status stuff.


      So I must get to the bottom of this problem, or go back to 2.2.


      The reproducible crash situation occurs pretty much *any* time I try to edit a #macro in the source code.  This software tries to do real-time advance compiling and syntax checking, whatever you call that.  And I believe it is a problem with this and #macros.  If I try to type in  #include "filename.h", then the crash occurs 100% every time when I type the "e" finishing up "#include".  I've attached a jpg of the error message.  While I can type "#if 0" as I often do to temporarily remove a chunk of code, I get the same crash when I later type "#endif", right after finishing the word with the letter "f".


      I don't know exactly what I was doing when the blue screen of death occurred.  I'll worry about that, I guess, if it happens again.


      Your assistance with this is greatly appreciated.