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    Pulldown on input

      Hi all!


      First post and let me just say I find this tech totally awesome. I picked up cy3210-psoceval1 kit and started playing with it yesterday and I'm really starting to get the hang of iit.


      A bit further down the road, I'm looking to realize my own custom audio chip to use in other projects in conjunction with other uCs. I like it small so I put a dip8 cy8c27143 in the socket (requires a custom gnd wire) and works just as well as the 28 pin ICs for which the eval kit is intended. Yes, I could use the miniProg directly on the chip sitting in a regular breadboard but the kit on-board leds, switches and such comes in handy.


      Now, for my question:


      I'm currently playing with PWMs and have the Enable line connected to an input. Works as expected but it seems I can't use a pull down drive mode as the input is no longer routed to the regular cpu but to a digital block.


      Is there a way to achieve a pull down behaviour on a digital input connected to a digital block?