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    Starting an FX3 project from scratch with ECLIPSE, other development environments supported ?!?


      Hello, while the latest SDK for the FX3 being built with Eclipse and GCC gives some marginal finacial advantages over some professional solution like Keil or IAR ( heck, anything else would habe been a better solution than this c..p ) it seems that we are stuck for the for the moment ( hopefully Cypress will reconsider and support something else ) with this pretty cumbersome development enviroment.


      My question, besides the (very light) information that comes with the SDK documentation is there any AN or tutorial about starting an project  from scratch without copying one of the firmware examples and hacking away hoping is still compiles correctly?


      It seems that under the cumbersome java IDE someone has to deal with the dreaded "configuration files" half of it being non-documented, in the typical "open source culture"  where time is free and just to start a new project that actually compiles you have to read 2.5 bibles on non-project related stuff.


      Any pointer to a tutorial, ideally with some explantions about the files involved somewhere will be very appreciated.


      Also if by chance I've missed it, if there are any other development environments supported, kindly please tell me, and no, "you only need your vi and make files" is not something to be used in 2014 soon to be.


       Many thanks and sorry for the rant but compared with the FX2 Keil the new environment is really frustrating.