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    little enhancement for the PSOC creator

       I have been working for a year with the PSOC creator. But also I have worked with a C++ IDE called Code Blocks. I have to say that it is less comfortable using PSOC creator because of the little details that could be added to it which already exists in CodeBlocks. small details such as I have to only open a single bracket after an if condition and the program immediately finishes the other bracket and the semicolon.

          these small details can mean a lot to programmers working for hours on the PSOC creator. check the Code Blocks program, it is an open source project anyway and please consider the comfort of your clients.   
          Mahmood Adhab   
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          Cypress already added "Code Completion" for PSoC Designer in the last version and it runs pretty good! Not even the braces after the "if" which is a single keystroke, but all the library-functions as well: Imagine, you have got an LCD usermodule in your design, when now you type "LCD_" you are presented with a list of all the APIs and may choose the right one. THAT not only saves keystrokes, but also the look into the datasheet for 1st WHAT is the API's name and


          2nd How it is spelled.


          I presume that this feature will be added soon into one of the next releases of  Creator.





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                    wow, this would be perfect :D . see this is what I mean, small details that could mean big change.   
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               Code completion with  API support would be so usefull, a great time saver.

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                 Some other nice enhancements would be:

                • Jump to definition / declaration
                • Refactoring of symbols
                • Auto indent selected source code

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                  YES!!! I am used to Borland's (former) IDE and they had this frequently used feature and - what is absolutely neccesary - a keystroke to go back where you originally came from!


                  This feature organized like the back and fore button in a brwser may be something new for an IDE but nonetheless a helpful feature easy to implement.





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                    Autoindentation of selected source code: isn't that already working? Like (un)commenting you may use in/decrease indentation from the menu or just push the Tab-key.





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                      The jump to f(), I have seen that implemented in Freescale Codewarrior, a small


                      comment window pops up, giving f() call and return parameters, type, name, and its


                      basic functionality. Its great, virtually eliminates need for manual to lookup properties.




                      Regards, Dana.

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                         then I guess everyone here agrees that the Creator needs some improving.





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                           The only question is why didn't you use one of well known and well imporved open source IDE as a base for the PSoC Creator? Best choice would be Eclipse CDT - many useful functions that make programmers life easier would be already done for you...


                          Regards, pr0cj0n

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                             Although Eclipse is a fine tool and it seems like most of the manufacturers are using it. I think that it would have been a mess trying to integrate all the required tools needed to for a PSOC design on Eclipse.


                            (also , I don't like Eclipse, I think it is reason enought  :-P )

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                               IMHO the only solution would be to allow us to use Eclipse somehow. Eclipse is proven and the standard as every major MCU manufacturer is using it in their IDEs - Freecsale, NXP, TI. Of course integrating it with PSoC will be a lot of work but maybe there is some way to export the C firmware coding part only so it can be used as a normal Eclipse C project. I think it is already possible to export a project to Keil MDK so why not adding the same for free Eclipse? Eclipse is incredible when used for code completion or digging through C files. I am really missing it when having to browse through the generated API files in PSoC Creator.

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                                PSOC creator uses gcc as compiler you can use eclipse whenever you want. 


                                Configure your modules/clocks on creator and perform the code generation steps. Then when you are ready to stat coding just import the files on eclipse. Of yourse you will have to configure eclipse and build your tool chain yourself. 

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                                  I am using PSoC Creator 3.3 which has code completion which is working pretty good. But, beside the option "Match text anywhere in completion", I am missing some option like "Match any char anywhere in completion" (maybe also "Ignore character sequence" sub-option), which is present by default in many environments.


                                  As example, I am using GUI library and I know it has Alpha blending property. I start typing "GUI_SetAl" and I expect to see some suggestions, but there aren't any because function is in fact GUI_SetLayerAlpha.


                                  In some other IDE's I could type, as example "gialpa" and it would suggest also "GUI_SetLayerAlpha", sometimes even sequence of chars is ignored.


                                  This feature is, in my opinion, extremely useful and it makes writing code much faster. Not only that user don't have to always look and search header files to see what is the proper name or prefix for desired functions, but it actually makes writing code faster, as example I only need to type "alph" and I would immediately see only "GUI_SetLayerAlpha()" function (because this is only function with alpha in its name). Or just typing "puts" for "UART_PC_PutString()" when using only one or few UART instances. Or just typing "isrbex" for "ISR_Power_Button_StartEx()",... there are countless cases where such feature would be very appreciated (also considering the fact is quite easy to implement with minor changes).