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    Where is Power Management APIs ?

              Hi PSoCers!   
      Recently, In my PSOC3 design, Weird ;-} RESET has frequently happens.   
      I'm suffering with it.   
      Therefore, I want to know the reason of RESET.   
      According to TRM, This routine able to know the reason   
      uint32 CySysPmGetResetReason(void);   
      the return value as follows...   
      CY_PM_RESET_REASON_UNKN: Unknown   
      CY_PM_RESET_REASON_XRES: Transition from OFF/XRES to RESET   
      So far, I can't find any include file for these constants definisions.   
      And can not link this routine from any library.   
      Anyone knows how to do it, please let me know.   
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