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    FX3 DVK DEVICE BOARD: REV - 3.0 Schematic Error or ??

      I am currently implementing the FX3 into a project; I have the board and I have the schematics.


      My problem is that on page 9 of the schematics there seems to be an error, I didn't catch it until just now:


      On the USB3.0 MICRO -TYPE B connector:

      • MICRO_SSTX- (connector pin) is connected to SS_TX_M (signal)
      • MICRO_SSTX+ (connector pin) is connected to SS_TX_P (signal)

      the above part makes 100% sense to me.....


      but the following does not make any sense to me whatsoever

      • MICRO_SSRX- (connector pin) is connected to SS_RX_P (signal)
      • MICRO_SSRX+ (connector pin) is connected to SS_RX_M (signal)

      Am I missing something? I admittedly did not catch it initially, my experience tells me that

      • MICRO_SSRX- (connector pin) should be connected to SS_RX_M (signal)
      • MICRO_SSRX+ (connector pin) should be connected to SS_RX_P (signal)

      Is this schematic really representative of the system I have?


      Any and all input would be greatly appreciated as I am already to the layout stage and hope to have a functional board the first time around.




      -Frank Walker