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    Abandoning the CDC


      Recently a group of Cypress Employees started to flood the forums with unasked-for contributions. This WILL make user-questions difficult to detect and follow-up because they are vanishing in the huge amount of these CDC-entries.


      I do not question the correctness and value of the contents supplied, but in my opinion of what a community / forum is, they are completely mis-placed.




      As a matter of fact I do not see a place of discussing, improving and exchanging experiences in the CDC any more and so I will not post (or even read) contributions here.




      Thank you, folks! It has been a splended time watching our knowledge about PSoCs to grow and prosper!!!




      Season greetings





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          I am very very sorry for this. I personally apologize for inundating the forum with information. I will take this issue up and make sure it is getting addressed properly.


          Your presence in the forum is very valuable to us.Please forgive us this time.


          Sorry again Bob.







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            I did not see that you (personally) were flooding the forum with any non-asked for posts, so no need to apologize except you take the responsibility for that.


            I am continuosly watching the CDC, so I can promise that I'll be back here when the situation does improve.





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              @Rahulram: just as an idea: - measure the employess not by the number of posts in the CDC (you get what you measure), but e.g. on the number of verified answers. That way they are more inclined to provide real help instead of throwing posts in here.


              And, just not to forget that, finally improve the forum software!

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                I am a Director of Applications at Cypress. While the intent was to add content that helped users with common issues and seed the forum with such content, I fully understand your frustration. I agree that the content is misplaced and should belong to our knowledge base or a frequently asked section. As immediate containment, we have taken action to stop all such posts. 


                We will revisit how Cypress should handle this better. Please feel free to provide your thoughts on this directly to me at pds@cypress.com. I would love to hear from you and leverage your feedback.


                We want you back.


                Happy holidays!





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                  If I think about the time, read $$$$, spent on all these knowledge


                  postings, and a need, an ongoing repeated effort by forum supporters,


                  to have Cypress forum software uopgraded to a working  environment.


                  Tragic in a sense.




                  The inconsistancy of pasting, the incompatibility of uploading with all


                  browsers, the lack of a 21'st century search engine has got to be a ball


                  and chain around Cypress's neck.




                  Needs :




                  1) A place to upload solutions and reference material for users


                  2) A full in depth search engine


                  3) A true HTML forum with all that implies, pasting, insertion, EDIT, search.....




                  We all love PSOC (is it of concern some of us love a chunk of silicon and


                  plastic ?) and we all know from posting on other sites that this forum


                  software is really 18'th century horse and pony.




                  Regards, Dana.

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                            Danaa - Thanks for your input. We will ensure that this is communicated to the web marketing team that is responsible for launching improvements to the forum.   
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                      Palani, thank you very much for this statement and the prompt reaction. As I said earlier, I'll be back when that situation improves. It did, I'm back.





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                        @bob: good to have you back :)


                        @Palani: Unfortunately there have been promises for a long time, and they just stayed that - promises... (though at least the infamous problem with the small edit windows seems to be gone for good now). So can understand the furstration of the regulars on everything which additionally disturbs them over here...

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                           Hope we can at least have the edit feature. 

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                            Avoid typos, edit feature unneeded




                            Season Greetings



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                              @bob: that sounds more like a new years resolution :)