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    compiler produce wrong code!

      The code I show create endless loop (line 671 branch to line above)


      Innocent end of switch statement:


      case TSH:


      // some calculations




      And assembly:


      664 01e6 FFF7FEFF         bl    mymemcpy
       665                  .LVL57:
       217:.\Uart.c      ****                     break;
       666                      .loc 1 217 0
       667 01ea 00E0             b    .L23
       668                  .LVL58:
       669                  .L26:
       670                  .L80:
       671 01ec FEE7             b    .L80
       672                  .LVL59:
       673                  .L23:
       674                  .LBE23:
       231:.\Uart.c      ****     }
       675                      .loc 1 231 0
       676                      @ sp needed for prologue
       677                  .LVL60:
       678 01ee F7BD             pop    {r0, r1, r2, r4, r5, r6, r7, pc}
       679                  .L85:

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          It looks as if undocumented trap to catch wrong jumps


          I trace the condition it may happen. I found label .L26 is referenced in other function unrelated at all


          In this function there is do{}while(rdindx != wrindx)


          when condition is true instead of jump to begin of loop it jumps to end of swithc statement in different function

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            I found the reason somwhere else:


            Somehow the copy & paste inserted the code twice, and the code produced was


            void ParseInput(Cmd* ptr){
                while(rdindx != wrindx){
                uint16  sum = 0;
            uint8 indx;




            I have no idea while it compiled without even warning.


            However it was the endless loop

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              I think you can be darn sure that GCC is not producing wrong code, GCC is used in a billion of cellphones, so any obvious bug would have been found already. From your code snippets I cannot see where the real error has been, probably you've set an optimization which sometimes lead to results which work correctly but are difficult to understand.





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                Bob, if I google "gcc eratta" I get lots of hits, some fairly recent ?




                If I go to               http://gcc.gnu.org/ more info on bugs/fixes.




                Seems like still a work in progress.




                Regards, Dana.

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                  I said "any obvious bug"


                  But when you take the time to go through the recent / open bugs in GCC there are just two for the ARM-core. Most of the issues are related to the behavour of flags applied, linux and x86 or compiler build. I just finished a rather complicated project that dwelves deep into ARM architecture and the only errors I found where my own ones.





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                    I will take your word there will be no more obvious bugs, just thought that


                    was too broad a statement.




                    So my postulate is this, do not all bugs (once discovered) become obvious ? I think I will


                    submit this to Nobel comittee, I think I have a winner on my hands......




                    Regards, Dana.

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                      Hmmmmm... I have to think that over, but I do not understand why you need dynamite???