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    Sonic screw driver buzzing sound.

      So i'm trying to use my FreeSoC mini to make a sonic screw driver. I'm a long time programmer, but this is my first time playing around with hardware. I've so far managed to get my device to be programmed, and run a little blue LED that turns on and off when I press a button. So I've not pressed on to making a buzzing sound. I've got a little TDK piezo speaker to make the sound. tested it by connecting my desktop's sound out to it. (3.5m to rca to bare wires. ^_^ ) so the speaker works. I wired it up with a WaveDAC on the PSoC, made sure the WaveDAC was started, got the pins right so far I can tell, But i'm not getting any sound.


      The Pin is an anolog out over an OP Amp, strong drive. With the WaveDAC i'm just using a simple wave form at 1khz, a little above A5 on the piano. I've tried it's range selection at every choice I can that makes half a lick of sense (if 2ma doesn't work, why would 32ua?) Is it just to quiet? Do i need to make an amplifier outside the PSoC to get more power to the speaker? I have held my ear right up against the speark and haven't heard a thing. I was read to believe it was quiet and I would need an amp, but this is so quite I have a hard time believing I did it right.