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    Having trouble acquiring target


       I have played around with the evaluation kit for a while and now made my own target board but have trouble connecting to it for debug and programming.


      The device is CY8C888AXI-LP099


      Using Creator 3.0 (SPI) and Miniprog3 (version 2.2).


      The Target is powered by 3.3V


      The connections seem to look ok when I compare with schematics of the 5LP module board.


      The following pins are connected to debug (I have tried setting JTAG 4-wire, and SWD in software but neither connects. When I attempt to acquire, I get error, unrecognised device).


      The 10 way header has pin 1 = 3.3V, 3,5,7 and 9 = GND, 2 = TMS (P1.0, pin 20), 4 = TCK (P1.1, pin 21), 6 = TDO (Pin 1.3, pin 23), 8 = TDI (P1.4, pin 24) and 10 = XRES (XRES_N, pin 15).


      The 3.3V is connected to pins 26, 37, 50,63, 65, 75, 88 and 100)


      GROUND connected to pins 10,12,13,14,38,64,66 and 87


      VDIOx all have 0.1uF close to IC, Va and Vc have 1uF,  Vdd and Vda have 0.1 uf and 1uf. Vc only connects to other Vc pin and is decoupled (pin 39 to 86)


      There must be something here I have overlooked or got wrong. Or maybe there is a setting in the software that needs to be setup before attempting top connect?


      Any help much appreciated as I have some more boards for other projects need fabricating later this week and would like to include revision of this one if there is a wiring issue.


      The debug socket is close (5 or 6mm from edge of 5LP). I have no External crystal connected and not using USB pins.


      I suspect there may be a few of you who have found some "gotchas"on first attempt at using your own target and hope there is somehting common I have overlooked that is easy to fix


      Thanks in advnce

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          There have been some developers with similar problems. All of them have been resolved so far and could be traced back to electric problems as




          no connection


          bad power supply


          pins switched




          Miniprog3 settings:XRES acquire, external power


          I would try not to power the board externally but by MiniProg3, same settings or power down acquire.





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             Thanks Bob,


            I went over the circuit several times, over the documentation and could not find anything out of place. Finally it came down to the "idiot" factor. I selected CY8C5888 device but the device I am using is actually the CY8C5688.


            I can now connect and run programs on my own target fine.





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              thank you to have us informed! Ugly mistake and difficult to discover!





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                 It was baffling. As I am fairly new to Cypress devices, I don't know the chip part by heart. I purchased some around a month ago and for some reason wrote 888 instead of 688 in the part number on my design folder.


                Then I had no idea this was the trouble as I had checked the part number was correct (lining up what I selected in Software to what I had previously written down. If the error had shown "Invalid Device Type" or something similar, I would have clicked immediately. I eventually found it because I was confident the connections were correct and followed all the user guides for setiing info and so finally put the chip under the magnifier to determine the part number was correct. It even looked like 3 8's until I cleaned it up a bit and squinted to see a 688 :)


                Hope this helps some other newbie if they have similar problem. Check the phyiscal device number with selected part in software. 

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                  Afaik there is a setting for the port acquire to show all targets and not only the matching devices. Your experience tells me that it might be better to use that setting to avoid that pitfall.






                  PS: Instead of trying to read the chip's number a look at the invoice could have helped, too.