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    slider control with power button limit

      Hello everyone,


      1.  I Have a 4 BTNS available to me for my slider.


      2.  The slider consists of 4 stage operation.


      3.  I do not hold an extra BTN for the ON-OFF control.


      4.  How would I get the slider working ok if the conditions are-


            a>  #1 BTN = #1 LED ON & slider ON;     rest LEDs OFF


            b> #2 BTN = #2 LED ON;      rest LEDs OFF


            c> #3 BTN = #1 & #2 both LEDs ON;      rest LEDs OFF


            d> #4 BTN = # 4 LED ON;        rest LEDs OFF


            e> when I return (touch) to #1 BTN while slider is ON, slider should turn OFF


            f> Then repeat the ( a> to e> ) steps.


      5. When I again press the #1 BTN (even time touch @#1 BTN should turn OFF (power Off) the slider & odd time touch @#1 BTN should turn ON (power On) the slider) it should turn off the slider, i.e. power Off.


      6. At any point of operation for the even touch slider is off.


      7. At any point of operation for the odd touch slider is on.


      8. When #1 BTN is off i.e. slider is off no other segment of slider is in operation.


      Can i do this in the abov specified circumstances, guide on the same.


      Thanks & Regards-