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    Locating unconnected nets/shapes

      How does one tell which components correspond to which shapes/networks? My project will not build and I have been over this for 3 hours, there is nothing at any zoom level that I can see that is unconnected that shouldn't be. I'm beginning to think there's some kind of infinitessimal line segment that got accidently generated or something...so how do you locate it? The report is telling me the shape number and network number that failed, so how do I use that information to fix the schematic? I can't see anything in properties that correspond to these network/shape numbers.

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          Is the net nimber 127?



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            To tell a bit more: I had a similar error when I worked on an old 2.0 project with Creator 2.1. I tried hard, but was not able to reproduce it.


            I deleted ALL components from the schematic, so nothing was left and the error still persisted. Since it was only a small project I reproduced the schematic and put the issue aside.


            Will you please make a copy of the Project, file a technical case and submit all the information to the Cypress-staff.





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              Yes, I had something similar but can start with a new project. I think it would be better if can highlight the part on the schematic that has the error. Or a function to automatically remove unconnected nets.

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                I am afraid (from my experiences with software) that there are no real unconnected nets and that the error is produced by accident, rather sw-malfunction. The proof was my deleting all the components. The unconnected nets should have been highlighted but weren't. Probably the location were off-schematic. I think, that Cypress, when getting hands on such a mal-formed project, will be able to debug the software and to "remove the cause and not the symptom" (Rocky Horror Show).





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                  You double clicked the Notice View list error which usually hi-lights in red the


                  offending item on the schematic ?




                  Regards, Dana.

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                    Yes, of course. And the error was not highlighted and as far as I remember it was concerning (twice) net 127 (or 128).


                    Removing all visible nets did not remove the error and finally removing everything didn't change anything either, the unconnected nets still remained.





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                      Bob, my question was directed at the aviator, should have made that clear.




                      Regards, Dana.

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                        Dana and Bob: wow guys, thanks for jumping all over this.


                        The net involved is #227, shape 263. I've included the workspace bundle if you're at all curious. The project is 'Hamburglar' (sorry, I'm goofy, those are the kind of filenames I generate).


                        Dana: no, I do not notice ANYTHING highlighted in red after the aborted build. If I go and monkey with something obvious in the schematic then I get errors that point to components I can actually see.


                        Yes Bob, I will be sending this on to the tech help folks and once resolved will share with the community.


                        By the way everyone, if you see anything in my files you want to use for your own projects, be my guest...I'm flattering myself to suggest it given my Mickey Mouse ideas/skills, but I just want to put it out there.

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                          Dana: your post was very helpful. After clicking the offending "shape" in the Notification View Tab, I saw a small line segment underneath the top D Flip Flop...somehow I just managed to miss it every single time! Removal of that line segment made it build. Of course, Ihad other errors :) but they were readily surmountable.


                          Thanks again guys! I guess the moral lesson on this one was to think to check UNDER components...these had been moved around a bunch of times so I guess it was no surprise.

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                            I guess, my last comment I'll address to Cypress...


                            Dear Cypress, would it be possible in future versions of Creator to have any unconnected nets autodeleted on build, or maybe prompt to autodelete?

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                               I'm having this same issue - when I click "go to error" it will open the schematic (on the last page I selected) but I cannot see anything highlighted. This happened after I deleted a piece of the schematic. The errors I'm getting are:


                              sdb.M0017: No drivers on signal "Net_806", bit(s)"0"


                              Signal: Net_806








                              sdb.M0017: No drivers on signal "Net_805", bit(s)"0"


                              Signal: Net_805




                              I hover over every item on the schematic and none are Net_805/6 or Shape_491/2. In fact, I don't see any "Shape_" items?


                              Please let me know how I can clear this error and continue development!?!?!









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                                When in a state like that I could only rewrite the schematic starting from scratch. Sometimes even Cut&Paste copied the hidden errors.





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                                  One other thing I found helpful, is to set schematic on high view magnification,


                                  sometimes I would have tiny nets that could not be seen w/o high mag, and they


                                  would be tiny isolated pieces, which needed to be deleted. How they got there


                                  can only be described as "magical"




                                  Regards, Dana.

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                                    I would suggest to re-do the whole circuit again. Sometime it is faster this way.


                                    BTW. looks like we have two 'dana' now, or is there some error on the system creating a clone of the real dana?

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