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    Using multiple 74HC595 shift register on PSoC 3 with LATCH function

       Hi everyone,


      the project I'm working on contains 21 outputs multiplexed on 3 shift registers 74HC595 cascaded. I'm controlling them with a DATA pin, LATCH pin and a clock. I need to refresh these 21 outputs very fast (at 25kHz) and I don't want the CPU to be overload by it because it's already managing many tasks. I think I can use a ShiftReg component to automate the process of refreshing outputs, but I don't know how to put down the LATCH pin during the shifting time in the 74HC595. And if possible, I would like to keep it automatised in order to not occupied the CPU.
      Does anyone know how I could do? or maybe did that in a project?


      Thank you,



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