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    Routing Problems with Analog Hardware Mux



      I want to design a project, where a reference is brought out on P0[0] with VDAC buffered by Opamp.


      At the same time I want to measure the P0[0] with ADC_DelSig over AGL[4].


      Please look at the attached project for full understanding.


      The project works fine for Analog Mux but with the Analog HW Mux I get the following Error Message:


      "Signal "\Opamp_1:Net_29\" is expected to connect to only one GPIO analog pin but instead it connects to "\Opamp_1:ABuf\". Please fix the connection."


      (Please do not care about ADC_DelSig sampling or AMux switching, this is done later.


      Only concentrate on the routing problem!)




      regards Willi

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