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    Configuration of USB 3.0


      hello people,


      I am working on configuration of USB 3.O with Ez-USB FX3. I have 2 questions about it please


      1) **** Configuration mode : there 2 kind of configuration that are interesting slavefifo2bits and slavefifo5bits.


      But I don't know which kind of configuration take. IN AN68829, page 3, cypress told that slavefifo5 is recommended to reduce latencies of socket and also it used when we need more than 4 socket for GPIF II. 


      In my case, can I use just slavefifo2bits or changing ?




      2) **** When I download files from firmware, there are lack of librairies such as


      #include "cyu3system.h"
      #include "cyu3os.h"
      #include "cyu3dma.h"
      #include "cyu3error.h"
      #include "cyu3usb.h"
      #include "cyu3uart.h" 


      is that normal to get example without librairies ? 


      can you give the reasons or the best example about it please ?


      otherwise thanks you to help me to understanding and configure EZ-USB FX3

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          1) Please let us know what is your application. Based on that, we will recommend you either 2 Bit or 5 Bit SlaveFifo. By the way, 2 Bit SlaveFifo is useful in most of the cases.


          2) The libraries are present by defalult in the FX3 Installation Path. So the firmware project files need not have these libraries. It is normal.


          For beginning with Fx3, I recommend you this Application note:




          -Madhu Sudhan

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            1) my application is simple. it's just a configuration of ez-usb fx3 to take the data (sort of video streaming) on the fpga and take out the USB port 3.0 (without intervention of CPU--> Auto DMA).




                                                               Zynq (master)====> FPGA(slave)




            2) Ok but why when I put example project on eclipse, I have some errors?


            I need to put all projects in the specific path (FX3 installation path )  ? 

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              1) right sheme


              FPGA (master) <======> FX3 (slave)

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                1) For this application the 2 Bit slavefifo is the best. Please refer An65974 application note.


                2) Can you please attach a snapshot of eclipse showing the error?




                - Madhu Sudhan

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                  Hi, Madhu




                  1) thanks for your response.


                  just to know please, if I download example firmware of synchronous slave fifo 2 bits, is it possible to programme directly on  my fx3 device ? 


                  2) I've attached 3 snapshots in pdf file of my eclispse to look at errors.


                  I don't why, but the problem about my libraires is solved, but there are few error that told that "Symbol XXXX could not be resolved" as you can see in pdf file.

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                    1) Yes. the example project firmware comes along with the Image files (*.img) files. You can program them directly into FX3 using Cypress Control Center Tool easily.


                    2) To solve the errors can you please try this.


                    * Right click your project in the Project explorer in Eclipse.


                    *Select Index -> Rebuild


                    Please see tha attached snapshot. Let me know if this fixed your issue

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                      Ohhh yeahhhhh  thanks it's work well


                      1) what's was the problem please ?


                      is it obligate to use GPIF II designer to configure and get my slavefifoconfig.h ?


                      Can I use directly slavefifoconfig.h from other project such as example firmware slavefifo2bits ?




                      2) Just an other idea, if I use 16 bits on my data bus, could I get the capacity maximum of FX3 ? In fact in the http://www.cypress.com/?docID=48135 (page 7) , they told me that with 32 bits I will get 403 Mo/s. 


                      the length of data influence the data rate ?



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                        The cause of that issue was Eclipse was not refreshed when that projetc was loaded. This is a minor issue with eclipse. Doing Index->rebuild is like refreshing eclipse workspace.


                         1) We strongly recommend to use GPIF II designer for generating the cyfxgpif2config.h file, even if you want it to be similar to another project. 


                        By doing so, you can confirm if the state machine is correct and meets your requirements, before you proceed to generate the cyfxgpif2config.h file


                        2) Yes. If you use 16 Bit you will get only half the capacity of FX3. You should use 32 Bit to exploit the full capability of FX3




                        - Madhu Sudhan

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                          Thanks you for your help