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    question about CapSense(I2C failed)

      Dear guys,


           I am a newer about Psoc4,  Yesterday , I attened  cypress   seminar at hangzhou , and I had not pass the third   experiment about  CapSense with your  PSOC4 Pioneer Kit.


         The aim of this experiment  is make developers to familiar with the CapSense module, and the experiment seems very simple , but I have not past  .


         The experiment  only have one componment --- CapSense ,   I add a CapSense to the project,  and  add a linearSlider to the module , then  enable tune helper ,set the I2C data Rate to 100kbps, and set I2C address to  8.


        Then configure the IO port .


      Last , add source code to main.c


      #include <device.h>


      void main()
       //   CapSense_1_EnableSensor();  //Not sure where to put this??


          /* Place your initialization/startup code here (e.g. MyInst_Start()) */
          /* CyGlobalIntEnable; */ /* Uncomment this line to enable global interrupts. */
              /* Place your application code here. */


      But  when I run the application ,  open  laucher  panel . Configuration the I2C , and start ,  It reports failed !!!!!


      The error information is "Read operation"  failed ! Check I2C bus connection.




      can sb tell me why?