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    PSoC Creator 2.2 SP1 (complete istallation) can't start on PC with 448 MB RAM


       In order to get acquainted with the PSoC 4, I decided to play with the PSoC Creator 2.2 SP1. However, my home PC is 


      slightly below the minimum requirements to run this program - it was older than 5 years  or so. 


      Namely, the lack of RAM and slow USB ports. And yet, in recent times due to worn-out "hardware", BSoD-s occur regularly. 


      That's such an extreme installation. 




      After several attempts, I managed to perform the installation. 


      However, each program run ended with an error. According to the results of several installations, it became clear that it is one and the same error. 




      Message (approx.) 


      "Psoc_creator.exe - found an error. Needs to close. Sorry for the inconvenience" 


      issued after 


      "Initializing ... CyDesigner.Common.Debugger.CyPPDeviceIO.CyPPDeviceIOPlugin"




      In addition, the installation with the same distribution file to a higher quality office computer was performed with no 


      problems on the first try.




      I assume that the error is due to lack of RAM.

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