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    PSOC with USBUART and Win7 x64

      Dear all,


      I am trying to install the USBUART driver of my PSOC project under a Win7 x64 system.


      Unfortunatly the generated .inf file isn't recognized by Windows..


      Anyone has a clue?


      Thanks, Thomas

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          I also tried a Win7 32bit version with the same result...

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            I solved it!


            There was a problem with the code on the PSOC. I enabled the Global Interupts too late.


            Sorry for this stupid question :)

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              Ha, thats a common mistake many people do in the beginning. And it is not quite apparent. Even if the Global Interrupt is enabled after USBFS_Start() the code will still work. But the enumeration process will begin once you enable the global interrupt. But if you are waiting for enmureation to be complete(or for a valid configuration to be assigned), you might get stuck there forever.

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                I encounter the same problem now, where do  I have to put the Enable Gloabal Interrupts?


                #include <device.h>


                #include "stdio.h"






                #define CLEAR_SCREEN        0x0C


                #define CONVERT_TO_ASCII    0x30u


                #define BUFFER_LEN   64u


                #define ADC_Config_2V 2


                #define ADC_Config_3V 1


                #define Restart_ADC 1


                #define STX 2


                #define ETX 3


                #define ACK 6


                #define SPACE               0x20


                #define PRINT_TORQUE        0


                #define PRINT_ADC           1








                int pow10(int x);


                uint32 get_ADC_Val(void);


                void Print_Torque_ADC(uint8 ADC);


                int length(int64 x);






                //Globale Variablen


                int64 Nullpunkt=0, Endwert=0;




                float64 FE=0;




                #if defined (__GNUC__)


                    /* Add an explicit reference to the floating point printf library */


                    /* to allow the usage of floating point conversion specifiers. */


                    /* This is not linked in by default with the newlib-nano library. */


                    asm (".global _printf_float");












                    USBUART_1_PutString("Hallo ");
















                CY_ISR(Counter_Comp_ISR)//timer gesteuerter interrupt zum ausgeben der messdaten




                int clear=0; //nutzloser variablenwert


                uint32 adcval=0;


                char8 lineStr[20];






                clear=Counter_1_STATUS;//clear sticky Comp-Interrupt flag










                void main()




                    uint16 count, i, j, wert, get_stx, get_etx ,count_buffer, Index;


                uint32 temp_ADC_Val=0,compare=0;


                    uint8 buffer[BUFFER_LEN],buffer_temp[BUFFER_LEN], Nullpunkt_EE[CYDEV_EEPROM_ROW_SIZE], Endwert_EE[CYDEV_EEPROM_ROW_SIZE];


                    char8 outStr[20];


                    reg8 * RegPointer;




                    /* Enable Global Interrupts */








                    /* Start USBFS Operation with 3V operation */


                    USBUART_1_Start(0u, USBUART_1_3V_OPERATION);










                    /* Wait for Device to enumerate */






                    /* Enumeration is done, enable OUT endpoint for receive data from Host */






                this is the beginning of my main. can you tell me if there is something wrong with the place?

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                  No, this place is quite OK. But I don't see in your code the place where you start the actual ISR components (SW2 / SW3). And when they are not started, they won't get triggered...

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                    Seems to be a complete german help...


                    Look at the warnings you've got: you do not call the function Counter_1_STATUS, you just save its addreess in the variable clear thus not clearing the sticky interrupt-bit. just forgot to write Counter_1_STATUS().





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                      @bob: mixed up threads? Looks like the answer belongs to here: http://www.cypress.com/?app=forum&id=2233&rID=89319

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                         hi together and thanks for your replies,




                        you are right the SW2 and SW3 ISRs were used for debugging purpose. I deleted them, my problem is this:


                        im supposed to write a code that gets Data via UART for instance if i receive a 02P03 the box is supposed to transfer the ADC Value to the Software.


                        The Software works without problems in WIndows XP but as soon as the Software runs on Win7 it doesnt even receive the Data from the Software. For Debugging I used your example for USBUART:




                                        LCD_Position(0u, 0u);


                                        LCD_PrintString("                    ");


                                        LCD_Position(0u, 0u);




                                        sprintf(lineStr,"SB:%s,Parity:%s", stop[(uint16)USBUART_1_GetCharFormat()], \




                                        LCD_Position(1u, 0u);


                                        LCD_PrintString("                    ");


                                        LCD_Position(1u, 0u);




                        with this active I can see that the PSoC changes from parity none to odd(Software requirements) but still doesnt receive anything in the buffer.


                        Is it the Driver the problem? The Driver installation on Win7 was very slow compared to XP as well. 

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                          no, my answer is right for this question and if you have a look into the isr for the timer at variable "clear" you'll see that the interrupt bit is NOT resetted.





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                            I have modified my code according to your tip, 


                            now i use Counter_1_ReadStatusRegister(); instead of int clear=0; clear=Counter_1_STATUS; it works fine this way :)

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                              Glad to here that!


                              BTW: which part of Germany you are from?





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                                 was my source code german/english annotation so obvious? :D 


                                im from Essen :)

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                                   is it possible to set the default parity for the usbuart module to odd?


                                  and where and how can I do this?

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                                    Such a setting is not available. It also makes no sense, since USBUART doesn't involve a physical UART where such a setting could be applied.

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