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    Single input 0V-5V ADC on PSoC 4 Pioneer


      I am having loads of trouble getting the ADC working on my PSoC 4 Pioneer board..


      The values coming out of it are all wrong.. I am feeding in 3.9V and I am getting out 2047.. or sometimes  other values..


      3.9 if my calulation is right should be


      3.9/(5V/4096) = 3194..


      I have noticed that if I feed in about 2.5V and below that my 2047 value starts changing and it gets lower and lower the lower voltage I put in so it is tracking the input.. but as soon as I go over 2.5V it locks on at 2047.. I have checked and I have the channel set up for single input, and it says 0-5V on the ADC config page..


      I really would like just the absolute most bare bones basic project which has a single input and an ADC which is set up to give 4096 for 5V (12 bits) and 0 for 0V..


      All of the example ADC stuff supplied by Cypress is 0-1.024V which is useless for me..


      Does anyone have an example project pretty please?

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