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    CY3214 PSoC Eval USB kit guide - "my first project" - TYPO alert!


      FYI -- there's a typo in chapter 5 of the guide for the CY3214 kit involving the port/pins to be used for the feedback resistor.


      On page 39, the CSD Wizard global settings shown in fig 5-12, shows that P1[1] is to be used for the feedback resistor.


      On page 48, in section 5.1.4 "Verify Output", the instructions say to connect the 2 kohm resistor between P0[5] and P1[5].


      One terminal of the feedback resistor MUST be connected to P0[5], the other terminal can be assigned to any available pin by the designer (within hardware constraints).


      The "quick fix" - if you don't want to reprogram - is to simply connect the resistor between P0[5] and P1[1] as was set in the CSD Wizard.  The moral really is that the pin you set for the feedback resistor in the CSD Wizard has to be one of the pins you actually connect it to in real life.


      BTW -- a standard value 2.2 kohm resistor (5% tolerance) works just as well as the non-standard 2 kohm resistor described.


      TWO HOURS to find this.  I thought for sure that the capsense buttons on my kit weren't working. 


      So, how do I get this info to the proper Cypress authority so this error can be corrected?