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    PWM measurement

       Good morning,


      I don't manage to find a solution to measure the duty cycle in a PWM signal . I have to measure firstly a constant duty cycle for one signale, secondly i have to treat a signal with variable duty cycle ( such as a sine turned into a PWM modulation) ? How to solve the problem ?

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          Easiest approach will be to use a timer that counts on a given internal frequency. The capture input of the timer will save the actual count which you can read-out in a connected interrupt where you reset the timer again.


          When using two of these construct you are able to measure both the high-time and low-time of your signal.





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            Something like this ? D produces a high pulse = period width of PWM inout, its ISR


            reads and resets counter.




            Set capture on - edge, with ISR enabled in component, capture width


            of PWM high time when ISR fires and capture register read.




            Resolution clk show = 1 uS measurement resolution, 16 bit counter


            can count a period up to ~65K us.




            I think you can replace D and its inverter with a T F-F, just did not look at this.




            Regards, Dana.




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              One mod, move PeriodISR to falling edge of period indicator from D, eg. the output


              of inverter / data input to D.




              Regards, Dana.

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                hello Dana , i need the PWM measurement too. I will give your schematic a try, but i miss some detail info about the proper Counter configutration.


                maybe you even have this as little creator project at hand to share.  b.r. Markus

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                  I have a project, but not working. Seems interrupts not working the way


                  I wanted, so stumped at the moment, and today have other commitments


                  so cannot work on it.




                  The project is PSOC 3 based, runing on -030 board, so you would have to


                  change device, and should compile into PSOC 5 OK, or so I think.




                  Note I fixed all re-entrant errors in project, so on PSOC 3 compiles w / no


                  errors or warnings.




                  Regards, Dana.

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                    thanks Dana for sharing your project.


                    i did porting to kit LP050 and some code workaround (and both ISR).


                    but results are still not the way i want. :-(


                    i have no possiblity to change PeriodISR to falling edge as mentioned.


                    the result i want to get for lcd is:1st line: D.C.xx.yy %


                                                                       2ndline : Frequency:xx.yy kHz


                    can you pimp my projectcode for doing so ?


                    my test signal is TTL 1.02kHz fixed frequency and 0.01 to 99.90% variable duty cycle


                    from a 2D-rotation hallsensor(360° in 12bit-PWM_angle resolution).


                    need the correct duty-cylcle value for further calculations of position-change speed..


                    b.r Markus

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                      The period ISR taken off the D output, then inverted, is effectively falling


                      edge, end of the period. The D high time, or its low time for that matter, either width, is =


                      period of the input signal. So you set the period ISR to rising edge, the D and inverter


                      take care of the rest.




                      Regards, Dana.

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                        Attached is a basic project you can modify to suit your needs. Measures pulse width


                        and duty cycle. It does this not on every input cycle as it is not a pure HW approach


                        and I chose to do it with one timer. With two timers you could do it on a per cycle basis,


                        or use Verilog for an optimal; solution.




                        Regards, Dana.

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                          hello dear dana,


                          thank for your reviewing my project and make it work.


                          best regards Markus

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                            Where are you located? I live near Bremen, Germany





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                              Here is another approach, using a continuously running fixed function counter,


                              takes less resources, simpler.




                              Regards, Dana.

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                                I live near Augsburg and work in Kaufbeuren (Allgäu).


                                greetz from southern Bavaria.  Markus

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                                  hello dear dana,


                                  thank you for sharing your simplified project. As it works fine on PSoC5LP so far, I like to port your latest Creator-project to


                                  PSoC4000 ( CY8C4013SXI-410) device for having a very small and low-cost solution for wanted flow-meter application comunicating via I2C to host device (PSoC3 based).


                                  unfortunately there is no logic inside the small PSoC400 device, so i consider to use external inverter


                                  and two pins for inputig the PWM-test signal.


                                  PSoC'in is challenging fun.


                                  best regards Markus

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                                    You may use a CY8C4245xxx which you can get for $1 at this time in single quantities and that chip includes some logic.





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