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    Instability PSoC Creator 3.1




      Since having installed the new PSoC 3.1 (SP1) I'm having stability problems with PSoC Creator. The builds (if working) are taking ages and now and then a Visual C++ 'assertion failed' window pops up (see attachment).


      Does anyone else recognize this behavior? PSoC 3.0 worked like a charm.


      I have a PSoC 4 (CY8C4xxx family). I've updated the KitProg firmware to version 2.11 using the PSoC programmer. Can I go back to using PSoC Creator 3.0 or is this not possible with the new KitProg firmware? (I do have a backup of my project from PSoC Creator 3.0).


      I run Windows 7 and still have PSoC 3.0 installed. Any advice would be much appreciated, I have to finish my thesis using PSoC Creator! Thanks..



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