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    Using the Del-Sig-ADC to measure voltage Problem with calibration



      I am trying to measure a voltage over a resistor to get it´s value, my problem is that i can not calibrate the ADC to measure the correct voltage.


      I tried to measure the offset manually as recommended in the AN84783 "Accurate Measurement Using PSoC 3 and PSoC 5LP Delta - Sigma ADCs" that gave me a value of 42942, which makes absolutely no sense, then i tried to calculate two known points into a function to eliminate offset and gain error, but that did not help either.


      After that i tried to implement the two-point-calibration from the ADC-VoltageInp Example project, that does not help.


      I think i did something basically wrong, could someone please take a look at my project and tell me where i screwed up?


      I am using the CY8C5888LTI-LP097 Prototyping Board, and Creator 3.3, attached for you is a picture of my circuit that is on the breadboard now. I need to switch between the reference resistors to measure a bigger range of resistors. I measured the internal resistances from the PSoC and added them to the values, thats why they look so strange.


      If you need further information please let me know, I hope i have translated all necessary comments in the SW into english.


      Thanks for your help, Greetings, Patrick