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    Example or sample project help!




      I'm trying to find an example / sample project where I can collect 6 sensor data (high/low) signals on a PSOC BLE developer board (the red one) and read the data onto a raspberry pi 3 using BLE.   Preferably using Python  


      When I try to connect to the myfindme example project on my Raspberry I get the following:


      sudo hcitool  lescan
      LE Scan ...
      00:A0:50:AE:D5:0D myfindme
      00:A0:50:AE:D5:0D (unknown)


      sudo gatttool -b 00:a0:50:ae:d5:0d -I
      [00:a0:50:ae:d5:0d][LE]> connect
      Attempting to connect to 00:a0:50:ae:d5:0d
      Error: connect error: Transport endpoint is not connected (107)