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    Two Interrupts on EZ-BLE PSOC (CYBLE-014008-00) Pins P0.1 and P0.4

      I would like to use the Pins P0.1 and P0.4 (pads 5 and 9) as interrupts both triggered via falling edge on a CYBLE-014008-00. I've used both pins individually to trigger interrupts without problem in my circuit, but am experiencing difficulty using them at the same time in a program. 


      I was reading AN86439 section 6.8, but it looks like that example is only possible if the pins are contiguous on adjacent physical pins. I tried clicking off this setting in the configuration option, but it says that is not allowed for pins with interrupts. 


      Is there a way to use those two pins to trigger an interrupt? I've also tried to place two separate pin components. If there are two pins and two interrupts, it won't let me assign the correct pins due to there already being an interrupt on the port. If both pin components are connected to the same interrupt it says there are multiple drivers on the signal. 


      In retrospect, it would have been easier to use other pins, but that's no longer an option. I do not necessarily need to determine which of the two pins the interrupt occurs (although this would be a bonus).


      I'd appreciate any input! Thanks