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    Custom DFB FIR filter coefficients

      Hi all,


      Im working on some existing code that takes a PDM signal from a digi MEMS mic and Im looking to edit the 128 filter coefficients in the DFB (Droop filter) component. I came across this post: http://www.cypress.com/forum/psoc-3-architecture/digital-filter-block which goes some way to explain how to do this but Im stumped on the conversion from my custom floating point filter coefficients (between -1 and +1) to the required uint32 hex values required in the file "Filter_RAM_Data.c", variable "CYCODE Filter_data_b[]". These values are in the form: 0x00FFF293u.


      Im trying to re-purpose the DFB that is already present in the firmware rather than bring in a Filter component.


      Any help would be much appreciated, and push my project nicely!