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    Read 16 bits from the Uart

      Hi !!

      I'm working with the BCM43362 and I send to another board 4 Bytes, in the 4th Byte I receive successively 4 Bytes as a response.

      The problem is that I can only read the first Byte(because i receive only one IRq) and I don't find a function to access to the Rx Buffer. without checking the IRq

      I'm actually using the function wiced_result_t wiced_uart_transmit_bytes( wiced_uart_t uart, const void* data, uint32_t size ) to transmits data and wiced_uart_receive_bytes( wiced_uart_t uart, void* data, uint32_t size, uint32_t timeout ).



      Thanks for the help ^_^

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          Use a thread to receive data

          and in that add


          while ( wiced_uart_receive_bytes( WICED_UART_1, &read, 1, WICED_NEVER_TIMEOUT ) == WICED_SUCCESS )


                 Buffer[Bufcount++]=(unsigned char)read;
                //add  logic for resetting Bufcount  and other things as per your requirement.


          Thanks and Regards,

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            Hello Soorajrk,




            Thanks for the help !!
            I did as you suggested in your response but the problem is that  when executing, the program stops in this part of the code(the part you suggested).



            When I use the debugger, it never go into it  and I have this comments :

            Failed to execute MI command:

            -data-evaluate-expression Buffer[0]

            Error message from debugger back end:

            value has been optimized out


            here is my code






                        platform_uart_transmit_bytes( &platform_uart_drivers[STDIO_UART], &data[i], sizeof( data[0] ) );



                            while ( wiced_uart_receive_bytes( STDIO_UART, &c, 1, WICED_NEVER_TIMEOUT ) == WICED_SUCCESS )


                                  Buffer[Bufcount]=(unsigned char)c;



                           Bufcount = 0;






            Thanks a lot for the help

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              Simple Uart UDP Bridge Application

              Made this app now.. just check .. hope it helps..


              Best regards,