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    How to test observer project in 100 projects 100 days using android phone?


      I am trying out the observer project from the Cypress git repo. I am using CYBLE-012011 as a standalone device and so I had to do the following to compile the project.
      1. Create a new project with CYBLE-0102011 as the device.
      2. Copy main.c, common.h and common.c from the observer project. 
      3. Rename the uart component to match the API names.
      4. Configure UART and BLE as in the project. 

      Now I compiled and programmed the project. Now I want to use my android phone to send beacons and the BLE to scan and display those beacons. I am using the Beacon simulator app to send the beacons. But I can't see anything on the COM terminal. I have attached my project in the attachments. 

      Thank you