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    Problems with programming PSoC at 5V

      I'm using the MiniProg3 to program my PSoC4200. In the application the PSoC is powered by 5,21V. The program process fails. Acquiring the PSoC device fails.


      In the GUI PSoCProgrammer 3.23. the voltage is displayed to be 5000mV. Because the voltage seemed to be a bit high, I lowered the voltage until it is 4,5V. Programming the PSoC at this voltage works. With higher supply voltage the PSoC device can not be acquired.


      Settings: Protocol: SWD; Voltage: 5.0V; Connector: 5p and 10p is tested; Programming Mode: Reset


      Next step I tried to use 3,3V supply voltage. The settings in PSoCProgrammer is changed to 3,3V. Flashing the device is working without any problems.


      The MiniProg is directly connected via 5cm wires to SWDIO, SWCLK and XRES. Voltages are stable (+/-20mV ripple).


      Any idea why the PSoC can not be flashed while running with 5V?