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    Error trying to debug CY8CKIT-059 /w MiniProg3 / Creator 4.0



      I am trying to debug a CY8CKIT-059 (CY8C5888LTI-LP097 device) programmed with a code example from Cypress with a MiniProg3 and PSoC creator 4.0 .


      The programmer and device target are visible and I am able to connect to the device (using external or 3.3/5Vtarg power supply). The project builds well and I get an output in the command window that says that the target has been properly programmed.


      Then, when it tries to switch to debug mode I get this error:


      "error: dbg.M0015: Debugger exited unexpectedly during run. Encountered error (Target disconnected See output window for more information."


      and the show details tab:


      "There was an unhandled error during the debug session. This has forced the debugger to shutdown. Try again."


      Even if I try again it does not work at all.


      Then I tried with PSoC Creator 3.3 and I am able to debug. Is somebody able to fix that problem on PSoC Creator 4.0?





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