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    How to - Platform porting in Wiced SDK ?



      I have developed a simple GPIO pin toggle program for SN8000 EVK module in Wiced SDK v.2.4.1 .

      How can I port this code to another platform which uses the STM32F407  MCU ?

      What all are the things that I have to take care while this platform porting in Wiced SDK ?



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          You may take a look at the BCM943362WCD6 platform files as reference. The BCM943362WCD6 setup with STM32F4xx family with STM32F415.


          Basically you need to create your board specific platform files in .../platforms directory. Then the specific MCU related support needs to be in .../WICED/platform/MCU/STM32F4xx/GCC directory. Perhaps you can copy STM32F417 and use it for STM32F407.


          Hope it helps,