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    Using SPI 3 or Remapping SPI 1 pins in sflash API



      I am using Murata's SN8200 module which has STM32F103RF controller. I have a need to use SPI 3 for communication with an External SPI Flash. But I see that the SPI Flash API's provided by SDK is compatible only for using SPI 1.


      I cant use SPI 1 as I have already made a PCB with the external flash connected to SPI 3 pins.

      I now have two options

      1. Using SPI 3

      2. Remapping SPI 1 pins to SPI 3 pins (as per datasheet)


      Can you help me in this ? Is there anyway I can slightly modify present API for use with SPI 3 or remapping SPI 1?



      Thanks in Advance.