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    OpenOCD failed

      Hi all,

      I have my own board equipped with SSB-WM-N01. I don't use FT2232HL because the board should be small. Instead. I use J-link to download and debug with OLIMEX-ARM-USB-TINY-H and also use CP2102 for USB-toUART. I already have SSB-WM-N01 platform file and I confirmed that the download is sucessful with OLIMEX-ARM-USB-TINY-H JTAG in BCM943362WCD4 EVAL board.

      However, when I try to use J-Link to download an app to SSB-WM-N01 board, the following error is shown


      "**** OpenOCD
      failed - ensure you have installed the driver from the drivers directory, and
      that the debugger is not running **** In Linux this may be due to USB access
      permissions. In a virtual machine it may be due to USB passthrough settings.
      Check in the task list that another OpenOCD process is not running.



      My question is the FT2232HL should be used for downloading and if not, what the next step is to figure out this error.



      Best regards,