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    Advertising during connection

      I'm not able to keep advertisements going while a connection is up.  Debug suggest that advertisements are being shut off by the stack.  From my connection_up callback:


      16:52:55 - connection_up: ac220b4088d0 h=64

      16:52:55 - Tx buffer = 15

      16:52:55 -

      16:52:55 - blecm evt handler:

      16:52:55 - 0e04010a200c

      16:52:55   Connection is UP.

      16:52:55   profile idle timer stop

      16:52:55   connUp

      16:52:55   noAdv

      16:52:55   BLE_idleconn:timer(0)


      This is after commenting out the line that explicitly stops advertisements. I also tried enabling via bleprofile_Discoverable in the same spot with no success.  Debug showed  BLE_low_un_adv:timer(0) but nothing was picked up on my scans.  Ideas?



      void my_connection_up(void)


          isss_hs_connection_handle = (UINT16)emconinfo_getConnHandle();

          UINT8 *bda = (UINT8 *)emconninfo_getPeerPubAddr();


          // Save address of the connected device and print it out.

          memcpy(isss_hs_remote_addr, bda, sizeof(isss_hs_remote_addr));


          ble_trace3("connection_up: %08x%04x h=%d",

                      (isss_hs_remote_addr[5] << 24) + (isss_hs_remote_addr[4] << 16) +

                      (isss_hs_remote_addr[3] << 8) + isss_hs_remote_addr[2],

                      (isss_hs_remote_addr[1] << 8) + isss_hs_remote_addr[0],



          // Prepare generated code for connection - write persistent values from __HOSTINFO to GATT DB



          // ToDo: Write custom persistent values into GATT database using functions

          // changed_<service_name>_<char_name>() generated by smart disigner


          // If device supports a single connection, stop advertising

          //bleprofile_Discoverable(NO_DISCOVERABLE, NULL);


         //This didn't work.

         //bleprofile_Discoverable(LOW_UNDIRECTED_DISCOVERABLE, NULL);


          // If security is required for every connection following function will start bonding or

          // will setup encryption.  No indications or notifications should be sent until

          // encryption is not done.

          if (bleprofile_p_cfg->encr_required & SECURITY_REQUEST)


              if (emconninfo_deviceBonded())


                  ble_trace0("device bonded");




                  ble_trace0("device not bonded");






      2.1.1 SDK/BCM20736

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          I'll ask one of the developers to comment on the issue.

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            When connection is up you can restart the advertisement using

              bleprofile_Discoverable(LOW_UNDIRECTED_DISCOVERABLE, NULL);


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              I could have sworn this worked when I put it in...  For some reason I'm once again not seeing advertisements when connected.  Is there anything I can query to help figure out why the stack isn't sending them out?


              bleprofile_GetDiscoverable() is returning 3 (LOW_UNDIRECTED_DISCOVERABLE) at the end of connection_up()

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                Do you have APP_PATCHES_AND_LIBS += central_role_patches.a included in your make. 

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                  I do now.  Still no dice.  I am configured as a peripheral though, so I don't see how central patches will help.

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                    I'm just trying to achieve the same. Since  it dawned on me that blecen is needed, I tried to get hello_client to send advertisments if I connect with gattool to it. I achieved this by changing part of the hello_client_connection_up() callback:


                    if (hello_client.num_slaves < HELLO_CLIENT_MAX_SLAVES)


                          // if we are not connected to the master enable advertisements

                          if (!hello_client.handle_to_master)


                              ble_trace0("Adv during conn enable");

                              bleprofile_Discoverable(LOW_UNDIRECTED_DISCOVERABLE, NULL );





                              ble_trace0("Adv during conn disable");


                              // added advertisments here too

                              bleprofile_Discoverable(LOW_UNDIRECTED_DISCOVERABLE, NULL );



                    //            blecm_setAdvDuringConnEnable(FALSE);


                    //        blecen_Scan(LOW_SCAN);



                    Verifying with SmartRF shows advertisments coming from the hello_client device while gatttool has a connection open to it.





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                      I am sorry for the confusion, but central functionality should not be required for advertisements during connection.  Meanwhile the advertisements during connection means that the second connection as a slave may be created.  So you need to tell stack that scatternet is allowed.  I modified hello_sensor to add in the create





                      and changed in the connection_up

                      bleprofile_Discoverable(NO_DISCOVERABLE, NULL);


                      bleprofile_Discoverable(LOW_UNDIRECTED_DISCOVERABLE, NULL);

                      seems to work.

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                        I'm doing the same thing but I'm not seeing advertisements.  I'm trying to get a little help in figuring out *why*.  When I check, the stack is reporting that it's in LOW_UNDIRECTED_DISCOVERABLE mode but when I connect (via gatttool as well) I no longer see advertisements.


                           bleprofile_Discoverable(LOW_UNDIRECTED_DISCOVERABLE, NULL );



                            ble_trace1("ADV Disc: %d", bleprofile_GetDiscoverable());

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                          Enabling scatternet seems to have done the trick.  Going back and forth with and without it confirms it.


                          I'm not sure why I thought this was working before.  Is there a possibility that I could have seen adverts during a connection without it at some point?

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                            Not likely.  You might have seen the adverts if connection has failed.

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                              Ok, I'll buy that. I did have some bad ptr accesses a while back that were causing occasional disconnects.  Thanks for the help!

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                                Just for completeness sake, in the connection up callback I was able to use












                                to start advertisments again, which makes me totally happy.

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                                  Hi, victorz


                                    Should this function 'blecm_setAdvDuringConnEnable' to be called in every event of connection up?

                                    Or can it be just called once in 'Create' function?