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    How to import WICED_SDK_SPIL_platform_file_2.3.1 to WICED-SDK-3.1.0

      Hello all,


      I made my own board equipped with SSB-WM-N01 chip and I want to download a firmware to the SSB-WM-N01 using WICED-SDK-3.1.0. Currently, I have the WICED_SDK_SPIL_platform_file_2.3.1.zip, but I don't know how to import it to WICED-SDK-3.1.0.

      Please explain it with an example like snip.scan app download.


      And if the import is successful, then is there any remaining work to apply the SPIL platform to my own board.

      If I try to download snip.scap app to my own board, which do I have to change from the following command.

      snip.scan-BCM943362WCD4 JTAG=Olimex_ARM-USB-TINY-H download run


      In the mean while, I heard from the chip distributor that the SSB-WM-N01 has its own bootloader and it doesn't need jtag connection for downloading firmware. If it's right, can I download a firmware by using only UART port (not using FT2232HL-R chip) like WICED Smart module.


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