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    BCM20737 power consumption


      Dear support,

      I hade to estimate the life time of a product poered by a standard CR3032 battery coin.

      The product will based on BCM20732 + external power amplifier capable to provide up to 10dBm + several sensors like accelerometer, gyro and magnetometer). I will use the proximity/find me profile.


      Reading the DS I found only the typical and maximun power consunption of BLE radio, but I need a more detailed info like power consumption in sleep mode, wake up, processing and also a typical time lenght for RX and TX of a single connection event.

      Could you provide me that info?


      In first analisys the device that I had to do is more or less very similar to your WICED SENSE but with an esternal power amplifier, so a current consumption versus Time of Wiced SENSE could be enought.


      Thansk a lot,