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    BLE Module in listening mode example



      My customer is evaluating the Broadcom BLE solution, I have her set up with the BCM20732_kit and she is good to go with the SDK.


      Is there any help regarding the sample apps WICED Smart provides for users? The names are descriptive somehow, but I'd like to load a simple BLE tag app to the module (eval kit) and to be able to connect to that app using either serial port to issue commands to read bluetooth LE devices (find them) or a smart phone?
      I can find the heart rate monitor, etc but that's not what we need... I'd like to see how I can control the eval board to talk to a BLE device.

      In short, we need the device to be able to do the following (and I need to know the commands I can use for that)
      Get into a mode in which the eval board (BLE module) is configured in listening mode. Then, the Phone is configured in "advertisement" mode.
      The BLE module then tries to connect to the phone which should result in receiving data from the phone - MAC address plus the name of the phone. Then it gets the name of the phone and I'll do something with it and stops scanning.

      That's all we need as a start to see if this device could be used for our project.
      I downloaded some documentation but still cannot find what I need. I don't think I can use the example projects ... I went through these which promised to give me something to do the task, but in all of them the BLE device is set as a advertiser or slave... I need the opposite.

      Is that clear enough so you get the idea what we need?
      Please let me know if not