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    WICED 3.1.X bug -- queues fail to work when in '-debug' mode




      I've encountered what appears to be a bug in the WICED framework:  Calls to wiced_rtos_init_queue() always fail (return WICED_WWD_QUEUE_ERROR) when the application has been built with the '-debug' option, and when using ThreadX.  I've confirmed that this is the case even for the snip.scan application running on the BCM943362WCD4 dev kit with the following minor code modifications:


      static void createQueueTest()
          wiced_result_t res;
          wiced_queue_t dummyQueue;
          res = wiced_rtos_init_queue(&dummyQueue, NULL, 700, 2);
          printf("DummyQueue init %s! (%d)\r\n", (res == WICED_SUCCESS ? "succeeded" : "failed"), (int)res);
          res = wiced_rtos_deinit_queue(&dummyQueue);
          printf("DummyQueue de-init %s! (%d)\r\n", (res == WICED_SUCCESS ? "succeeded" : "failed"), (int)res);
      void application_start( )
          wiced_init( );


      Note that I'm running WICED 3.1.1.  I have also confirmed that this issue does not exist when using FreeRTOS.


      Please confirm whether you are able to reproduce this issue.