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    Read/Write registers using I2C

      Hey guys,

      I am using the TAG3 development board and trying to read/write registers using I2C. I am trying to load the modified I2C_temperature_sensor code but I cant program the board with I2C pins connected. To program the board I have to disconnect the I2C pins, run recovery procedure and only then I can program the board but I am not able to read registers. Please help.

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          If you have an oscilloscope, could you check the voltage levels on SCL and SDA when trying to program or read from/write to the temperature sensor? If the tag board is powered over USB, VDDIO will be 1.8v (if I remember the schematic right), so ensure that the I2C sensor's min operating voltage is 1.8v or below. And I think VDDIO will be VBAT (which should be 3V) when running with a battery. So see if running with battery power makes a difference.

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