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    Invoking the WICED Sense Buzzer?

      Hi All,


      I have gotten an app to read the sensor data from the WICED Sense! 


      Keep in mind, I have not over-written the firmware on the WICED Sense kit.  I'm reading the data generated by the sensors via the default (out of the box) firmware.


      So now I'm trying to understand how to write write data back - I'm particularly interested in trying to initiate the buzzer on the device.  My current app writes some data back to turn on notifications (that is, I sent a '1' to the notification characteristic UUID) to turn on the sensors and start sending data to my app.  So I'm wondering if a similar method can be used to initiate the buzzer?


      If so - does anyone know the characteristic UUID and data required to invoke the buzzer on the WICED Sense kit? Or do I have to write a specific configuration value to the config characteristic?  ..do I have to change the default firmware to do this?


      ...sorry if the question is basic, I'm a newbie...   thanks in advance!  -Mike