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    FX3 DVK Board issue programming/booting from SPI flash



      I am trying to get SPI boot to work on the DVK board. I already have setup the PMODE pins to 1F0, to boot from SPI and on fail boot via USB. The Jumpers 101,102,103,104 are all set to [2<->3].


      When I try to upload a firmware .img file through the Cypress Control Center, I can see on the lines SCK and SSN that the upload is in progress, but the SPIMISO and SPIMOSI lines are all the time low. The same issue I can see after I press the reset button on the FX3 DVK board. FX3 is trying to load data from the SPI flash. The SSN and SCK is working fine but the MOSI and MISO also always low.


      The resistors R246 and R252 are both not on the board as described in the ...


      CYUSB3KIT-001 EZ-USB FX3 Development Kit Guide, Doc. #: 001-70237 Rev. *B


      .. document.


      I also have the same result when I upload the firmware through j-link debugger. Is there a hardware failure or are the GPIO pins defect?