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    Device for 185 MHz clock

              Hello, advice me for selecting right device for generating 185MHz clocks? Thank you. I prefer single ended output and reference in range 1-36MHz   
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          There is CY22801 (single PLL based device) that can be considered looking at which has three LVCMOS single ended outputs ranging from 1 to 200 MHz (Commercial Grade) and 1 to 166.6 MHz (Industrial Grade) from input reference CLKIN ranging from 1 to 133 MHz.

          The CY22801 datasheet is available at the following link:


          You can create a jedec file using the CyberClocks software that can be used to program the device with the help of CY3672 programmer from Cypress or any other Cypress certified third party programmer. The distribution channels can be approached for programming the devices.

          If you need more outputs, look at the following:

          CY22050 - One-PLL General Purpose Flash Programmable Clock Generator
          Datasheet Link: http://www.cypress.com/?rID=13742

          CY22150 (with I2C) - One-PLL General-Purpose Flash-Programmable and 2-Wire Serially Programmable Clock Generator Datasheet Link: http://www.cypress.com/?rID=13743

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             Sir, please let me know what is the advantage of using PSoC rather then using other microcontroller for opto-electronic sensors.

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              Cypress PSoC microprocessor permits the user to build the optical sensor with the minimal number of external components, yielding a very low-cost device. The presence of microprocessor and reserved processor hardware and software resources allows combining sensor parts with application-specific parts that allows users to additionally reduce the total system cost and build various intelligence systems.





              We have our AN2042 application note on Sensing - Multifunctional Optical Sensor that you can check having an implementation using our CY8C27443 device. This application note is available on our website at: http://www.cypress.com/?rID=2828