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    PSoC Designer 5.1 Service Pack 2.1 is available NOW


      PSoC Designer 5.1 Service Pack 2.1 is available through the CyInstaller update manager or located  at www.cypress.com/go/psocdesigner.

      The PSoC Designer 5.1 SP2.1 is a rapid release to address the following issues:

      •    Project update wizard will now retain Pin State selections for updated projects.
      •    CSD2X user module revision to address failures when upgrading from older revisions.
      •    Support for the CyInstaller v2.2
      •    PSoC Designer Installer update to workaround the Microsoft Windows Installer 4.5+ defect.

      PSoC Designer 5.1 SP2.1 requires the latest version of PSoC Programmer located through your CyInstaller update manager or located at www.cypress.com/go/psocprogrammer .