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    Wiced DMA use...


      WICED WiFi(2.4.1)-> sample code," Apps/Snip/Spi_Flash_Read " on the above code SPI Use DMA is given, What all changes do  need so that DMA could enable?


      In option  wiced_spi_init(&wiced_spi_flash); in wiced_spi_flash bydefault they have used SPI_NO_DMA and SPI can read flash.

      Instae I changed it to SPI_USE_DMA. What else I need to do?



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          Did you look at the "const platform_spi_t platform_spi_peripherals[]" in SDK-3.x for setting up DMA usage in platform.c.


          For SDK-2.4.1 similar setup is in platform.c with "const platform_spi_mapping_t spi_mapping[]" definitions.